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Trolley Cranes Manufacturer

Modheshwari engineering and fabricators is a pioneer for manufactures and supplier of Trolley Cranes in Ahmedabad. Trolley cranes are specially designed trolleys used to control and suspend the load that is more than 1 ton in weight. These cranes have protected runways for the safe working and transferring of load. Modheshwari is considered as the pioneer in the industry for manufacturing the best in class Trolley Cranes. The capacity of these cranes is designed according to the requirement of the client and the industry. The trolley crane is also considered as the crab lifting. The frames provided in the machinery makes the working smooth and easy.

As the Electric Overhead Trolley Crane is either join straight forwardly to a drag suspended cranes shaping an integrated materials dealing with unit or with nice fabricated with top hook. Some Trolley cranes are engine driven are outlined with both electric and air driven models. The trolley cranes which are speedy as compared to other where unique double row ball bearing wheel design for greater wear capacity.

Supplier of Trolley Crane

The Trolley Crane provides great flexibility in handling long loads at the desired lifting location and height. These cranes are used in various applications like die, ash handling, ladle handling, solid waste handling, steel coil handling, etc. The speed of transferring and lifting the load is very high compared to other cranes. The double ball row bearing wheel gives great capacity to wear resistance. We offer these cranes in different weight lifting capabilities. The selection of the model depends on the need of clients as per the location of their industry and the type of substance that is to be lifted.

Features of Goods Lift
  • Simple installation
  • Easy operating
  • Large weight lifting capacity
  • Spark resistant
  • Least maintenance cost
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Economic price range