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What do you mean by EOT crane

EOT stands for Electric Overhead Travelling crane. This type of crane is specially designed to be operated by electric charge and is operated by a person through the control pendant. The EOT Crane is extensively used in warehouse, workshop, loading and unloading equipments in industries. The specialty of EOT Crane is that it can not only move in forward and backward, but can also move in an upwards and downward direction.

Started as a small crane and hoist manufacturing workshop in these years we have finally grown into a big industry that provides the most reliable solution to industries for handling heavy loads. This was possible by the firm efforts and dedicated work of all the members and workforce of Modheshwari Engineering. The cranes we provide have the capacity up to 20 tons to lift and move heavy load from one place to another.

EOT-Cranes in Mumbai

The EOT cranes we offer have great weight lifting capability of up to 40 tons. These E.O.T cranes are designed and manufactured according with the industrial standard IS-3177. They are designed in accordance to Class I and II for the medium duty and Class III and IV for heavy duty cranes. The design of our EOT Crane is kept simple which makes them easy to repair and maintain.

EOT cranes are also known as bridge cranes as they consist of parallel runways and the travelling bridge on which the hoist is mounted spans the gap. There are two main types of cranes that we offer as an EOT Crane Manufacturer

Features of EOT crane:-

  • Simple construction
  • Short headroom
  • Moderate cost
  • Easy moving
  • Positive splash lubrication
  • Easy to remove and replace wearing parts
  • Easy maintenance