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Travelling cranes are the most common type of EOT Cranes used in industries and factories. These cranes are operated by a control pendent, radio pendant and operator cabin through which the operator controls the working of cranes. The travelling crane can lift loads ranging from some kilograms to several tons. The usage of these Goods Lift makes the work in the industries fast as they can now easily move the heavy equipments and parts.The traveling EOT Cranes we manufacture are done as per the international standards IS-3177. The cranes are made from high grade materials and are even available in splash lubrication. As we have designed and developed a great range of good handling solutions that is various kinds of cranes, we offer best quality Travelling EOT Crane with different capabilities

The Good Lifts we offer have special cage doors to avoid any kind of accident. The lift won�t move unless and until the door is closed. This increases the safety of the workers as well as the object. The Good Lifts are used in some places instead of cranes as both functions to lift the load. The good lift is guided in steel. The raising and bringing down the load is performed by electric wire rope hoist.

Features of Goods Lift

  • Lifting loads from one floor to another
  • Lift height is from 12 to 35 meters
  • Some goods lift limit starts from 0.5 tons.
  • Easy operate
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Safe working
  • Economic