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High Lift Double Girder Crane

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Double Girder Overhead Crane

As being one of the well recognized manufacturer and supplier of different kinds of premium quality cranes, we offer High Lift Double Girder Crane with excellent and advanced features. It is specially designed to facilitate the workshop area or operation to lift goods too high. We fabricate the cranes with safe and sound handling of the goods. It is manufactured according to IS-3177.

We follow strictly international norms and conditions for the fabrication of the cranes. High Lift Double Girder Crane is provided with heavy duty steel forged hooks fabricated according to IS-2266. For the medium duty of load, it is designed as per class 1 and 2 and for heavy duty operations, cranes are made of class 3 and 4. It is provided with positive splash lubrications. Hoists are designed according to IS-3938.

It is also provided with suitable brakes for easy starting, reversing and braking. It is made from powder coated sheet-metal. It contains housing with overload relays fuses and transformers. It is given modern control system along with shut off power to stop the system. It is also provided with warning horn, and master controller cabin.

Double Girder EOT Crane

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