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JIB Crane

  • What do mean by Jib Crane
  • Characteristic of JIB cranes
  • Classification of Jib crane
  • Why to use JIB cranes?
Jib Cranes Manufacturer

 Modheshwari engineering and fabrication is pioneer for manufacture and supplier of JIB cranes in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. JIB cranes are designed to take effort out from lifting and stacking in limited spaces taking up almost no floor space. JIB can easily span to suit your requirement while lifting up to 5 tons. As there are various types of JIB cranes are design to operate different application.

JIB crane has a movable hoist that fixed to a wall or permanent straight wall. The JIB crane cannot just move in a forward and backward direction but can also move in an arc shape. So the weight can be moved in near area smoothly. These Jib cranes are mostly used in industries where the load needs to be shifted in lateral direction like military and other manufacturing industries. At some places jib crane is also fixed on the top of warehouse to lift loads from bottom to top and on building tops that are getting constructed so that the materials can be delivered safely and easily.

JIB cranes consist of a horizontal load supporting and cranes lifting lowering of a load within a fixed arc of rotation .JIB Cranes provide you either 180 degree rotation on the inner arm and 360 degree rotation on the outer arm and the cranes can have freestanding or ceiling mounted system. Distinctive sort of cranes are utilized on the premise of the measure of weight to be lifted and range accessible for development site. The pillar that a horizontal JIB or blast which is movable from one place to another.  The JIB crane is manufacture that way you can utilize drum is driven electrically or pneumatically and can be worked physically.  The lifting medium is typically a chain in spite of the fact that it might likewise be a wire link. The JIB cranes not necessary for any digging a foundation.
JIB cranes are highly useful for basic loading and unloading goods, utilized in many places like moving machine tools, welding, fabrication and industry.

The attracting feature of the Jib crane is the important and great features embedded in it. The crane is fabricated from best quality material that ensures the safety and efficiency in its working. The fixed column of the crane is prepared from strong material and is kept thicker so as to make it possible for the cranes to lift extremely heavy materials without any rupture in them. The rotation in the jib crane can be of 180° in inner arm and 360° of rotation in outer arm. The weight lifting capacity of the crane ranges from hundreds to thousands of kilograms. .


  • It has loading weight up to 10 tons
  • The electricity power should be of 3 phase and 1 phase is too kept under safety
  • You can use remote control system
  • Two vertical standard are maintained
  • It is portable so you can use loading and moving heavy loads.
Characteristic of JIB cranes
  • Hoist and Trolley are mounted on a turning blast. The turning boom is mounted as a cantilever either on an individual from the building.
  • Wall/columns or on a floor-mounted.
  • Free-standing support
  • Wall-mounted cranes pivots 180 degree
  • Floor-mounted Cranes pivots 360 degree
  • Motorized or manual.

Classification of Jib Crane

Jib cranes are divided into Three sub categories:

Wall mounted JIB Cranes

Modheshwari engineering and fabrication is manufacture and supplier of wall mounted jib cranes in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Wall mounted JIB cranes require no floor space and no special foundation you can use quickly fold out the way of large overhead cranes. The Cranes boom pivots 200 0 from the columns of the building wall. It has capacity of lifting is up to 3 tons and span up to 6 meter. Wall mounted JIB cranes are commonly used for industry purpose. These cranes can be mounted under larger overhead bridge cranes without interfering with its operation.
Features of Wall mounted JIB cranes:-

  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to install
  • Low cost and effective
  • Require less space for installation
  • High tensile strength
Free Standing JIB Cranes

Modheshwari engineering and fabrication is manufacture and supplier of Free standing JIB cranes in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Free standing JIB cranes which used when walls or columns are not available. The JIB crane is mounted on the floor offer 360 degree rotation and does not require any special type of floor brackets.  The free standing JIB cranes where digging is requires for the support of columns and it requires only less space and direct bolting it to the floor is the common way in every JIB cranes. The pipe used in cranes gives maximum strength. Our designed free standing JIB cranes which has maximum loading 
Features of Free standing JIB cranes:-

  • Easy to install
  • Low maintenance
  • Low cost as compared to other
  • Require less space for installation
  • High tensile strength
Floor Mounted JIB Cranes

Modheshwari engineering and fabrication is manufacture and supplier of floor mounted JIB cranes in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The Floor mounted JIB cranes requiring mounting at top and bottom and its does not require any foundation or base plates. The floor boom pivots 360 around floor columns. The Floor mounted cranes is mounted on 360 degree rotation. The crane has square mounting plate and requires digging for the support of the columns.
Features of Floor Mounted JIB cranes:-

  • Easy to install
  • Low maintenance
  • Low cost as compared to other
  • Require less space for installation
  • High tensile strength

Why to use JIB cranes?

The use of jib cranes because you can hold them where it is needed it can manual and electric hoists manipulators, balancer , welding wire feeders and other tools can easily travel with it.

  • Limited space is needed for the installation as we are offering both the type of the model above and under the boom.
  • Our freestanding JIB can be used outdoor.
  • Having capacity of 5  tons
  • JIB cranes lift and transport in semi-circle and full circles around their structure support.
  • The design of the JIB cranes is done such a manner that you can use at any time and so it can save your money also.
  • Our JIBS cranes are quickly fold out-of –the-way of large overhead cranes.


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