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HOT stands for Hydraulic Overhead Travelling cranes. Overhead HOT cranes are usually seen in factories that need to shift and lift heavy duty materials and products. These cranes are not preferred in those manufacturing industries that manufacture weighty equipments or objects. They are not much used in construction sites where the locations have to be changed frequently. HOT cranes are used in industries that process and deal with refining steel and metals like copper and aluminum.

HOT cranes are used to lift and move heavy weight materials from one point to another effectively. We use high quality material in fabricating the cranes making them durable and reliable compared to any other cranes.

The main advantage of the HOT cranes that we offer Modheshwari Engineering is that the provide them in a number of size and specifications specified by the client according to their needs. The weight lifting capacity of these cranes is 50 tons and the length of cable wire starts from 10m. These cranes are offered at the most competitive price range compared to any other retailer in the domestic and international market. The HOT cranes are generally found in the industry that deal with enormous materials and the need to lift or move them.
Features of HOT cranes:-
    • Least maintenance cost
    • High durability
    • Great weight lifting capacity
    • Robust body
    • High tensile strength
    • Economic cost
    • Spark proof

    Advantages of HOT cranes:-

      • Wear and tear parts can be easily replaced
      • Can be shifted easily and smoothly
      • Least maintenance even after heavy duty work
      • Simple operating system
      • Safe working
      • Comfortable design
      • Flawless and efficient performance
      • Quick and smooth operating
HOT Cranes

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