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What do you mean by EOT crane

The full form of EOT is Electric overhead travelling crane EOT crane means Electric overhead travelling crane is generally utilized lifting gear for material lifting in the workshop, warehouse, stockroom and material field.  The operation of EOT crane is developed in rectangular longitude operation along both sides of the rail laid on the hoisted outline while the lifting trolley can understand flat operation along the rail laid on the crane traverse structure. 

.  It is made up of steel plants, rolling mill, thermal power plants, hydraulic power plant, nuclear power plants; this type of cranes can be available.  This all cranes are used for industries where in heavy loads are to be handled by EOT cranes. This EOT cranes can have been broadly utilized as a part of indoor and outdoor industrial and mining enterprise iron and steel industry, railway transportation, port terminals and other departments and places. The EOT cranes highly consist of two parts

  • Bridge
  • Crab

Features of EOT crane:-

  • Easy of maintenance
  • Easy accessibility of parts requiring maintenance
  • Easy to remove and replace wearing parts
  • High speed operation to ensure increased the productivity to minimize losses and to increase overall efficiency.
  • Highly yellow in color

As there are different type of EOT cranes are there

Different type of EOT Crane:

There are various types of electric overhead cranes with many being highly specialized but there are mainly three category which are utilized more like

Overhead EOT Crane

Types of EOT Crane

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