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Double Girder Cranes

Double Grider Overhead Cranes

Modheshwari engineering is one of top manufacture and supplier of Double Girder EOT cranes in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.  We can help the perfect lifting system for your application and requirement. It has a trolley hoist mechanism that run on the bottom flange of girder. As the name describes that this crane contains two girders that help distribute the load of substance.

The hoist is loaded on both the girders equally so that the weight distribution is done evenly. We design all majorities of the parts for our double girder EOT cranes to meet particular crane obligation of the expected application. When heavy loads and wide spans are required these double girder EOT cranes are offered by us in the load capacities of up to 60 T with span of up to 30 M.  This guarantees the majority of the parts will have the capacity to execute as composed in light obligation utilize , heavy duty application or even hot metal in proper environment. The utilize of the Double girder cranes in

  • Mechanical industries
  • For lifting structure steel development
  • Utilized as a part of glass taking care.
  • Railroad workshop
  • Holder lifting
  • Single plat lifting.
  • Container lifting

Our high performance double girder crane in India requires low maintenance and can be tailor-made as per demand of the clients. For the double girder EOT crane utilized high hook lift because the hooks can be pulled up between the girders.

Double Girder EOT Cranes

  • The Motors of the crane duty motors will be provided for heavy duty cranes as per the application.
  • The DC/AC Electro Magnetic brakes are provided so that it can run smooth and additional brakes can be provided as per the demand of the clients and brakes are sound lining design so the operation allows long maintenance intervals.
  • We provide steel forged hooks.
  • Easy simple and safe maintenance of the Crane extended partially or totally along the Girder.
  • Extra light so that easy to operate steel fabricated for manufacturing cranes.
  • The double girder EOT cranes soft start module electrically coupled to the long travel drive and smooth start.
  • It has push buttons station is suspended from one end of bridge at suitable height from bottom level.
  • Every component and part of it is thoroughly painted with two coat and highly yellow in color and as demand of clients.
  • Double Girder EOT cranes is design in such a manner that it requires fuse-less circuit , ducted wiring and well equipped with the motor if overload is protected device to provide effective protection against overload.
  • A Crane is operated by the operator so that cab is attached to the trolley.

Unique Features of the Double Girder EOT cranes is

  • High performance
  • Persistence
  • Easy to maintenance
  • Cost –effective
  • High strength
  • Faster with maximum speed.
  • Dust proof control panels.
Double Grider Cranes India

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